XSEED has announced it is planning to release the second entry in the gory survival horror series Corpse Party in both North America and Europe on the PSP. After the relative success of the first title of the series in the west, XSEED will be bringing Corpse Party: Book of Shadows as a digital release to western PSPs this winter. Gore and horror fans rejoice!

The sequel will be devided into eight different episodes, each with its own self-contained story. Some episodes will fill you in on stuff that happened in the first game, while others delve into alternative realities. Only the last episode will serve as a true sequel, continuing the story of two survivors from the Corpse Party. Be sure to pick up the first game and play through all it’s disturbing endings.

XSEED has yet to announce an official date for Book of Shadow’s western release, nor is it clear if the PSP version will be PS Vita compatible, but there’s a horrible debut trailer to watch just below.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

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