Chris Roberts, most famous for creating the cult classic Wing Commander franchise, is now working on a new game titled Star Citizen – a PC exclusive space simulator. This is Roberts’ first game in a decade, and it is being developed by Cloud Imperium Games, an LA-based studio.

Star Citizen is crowdfunded (which means no major publisher is forking over the money to make it happen) so go over to the game’s official website if you want to learn more about this new space sim and make sure it will see the light of day.

Here is a short description of the game, straight of the website, that might help you decide whether you want to help “everything you ever dreamed you could have in a Space-Sim” come true:

Star Citizen brings the visceral action of piloting interstellar craft through combat and exploration to a new generation of gamers at a level of fidelity never before seen. At its core Star Citizen is a destination, not a one-off story. It’s a complete universe where any number of adventures can take place, allowing players to decide their own game experience. Pick up jobs as a smuggler, pirate, merchant, bounty hunter, or enlist as a pilot, protecting the borders from outside threats.

Below is the first offical trailer for Star Citizen (thanks to GameInformer).

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