The new trailer for Cyanide Studios’ Of Orcs and Men plays just like any other “Buddy Film” movie trailer, except that these are no ordinary buddies; one is a giant Orc warrior who smashes heads with a big war-hammer, and the other is a small goblin, skillful in the art of sneaking and throat-cutting.

The video is is basically just the two characters exchanging friendly banter, just like any buddy movie duo. But instead of being on a wacky comical adventure, these two green monstrosities are on their way to murder an emperor and stop an impending human invasion (by killing them all, by the looks of it).

Of Orcs and Men is an action RPG set in a world were the humans enslave the Orcs and slaughter every Goblin they see. Naturally, these two races would like some sweet, sweet revenge. The games is out in Europe on the Xbox 360 and PS3 October 11, while North American PS3 users will have to wait for October 16. The PC version will be available (boxed or digitally) worldwide on October 11 as well.

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