Half Life 3 is now rumored to abandon the series traditional FPS gameplay in favor of a more puzzle and exploration-oriented one. It is also said the game will take place in an open world and will include many RPG elements, such as quest-giving NPCs.

A report over at OXM links to a translated article from Journaldugamer – an article that claims a source close to Valve has spilled the beans about HL3’s “very chaotic” development process, during the course of which the company decided to transform the game from a linear shooter to a more open-world game inspired by The Elder Scrolls series.

As a long-time Half Life fan, I personally don’t buy it. Valve is known for crafting amazing linear experiences, offering a tight story within a controlled environment – something that’s very hard to recreate in an open world. But then again, the gaming industry is full of the unlikely and the impossible.

The source also claims Half Life 3 (you’re not talking about Episode 3) will likely launch “after 2013”, probably on next-gen consoles. That part sounds much more believable.


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