While we are feverishly working on bringing you a review of Guild Wars 2 (it is a BIG game), we thought to ourselves: “Hey, why not give away two codes for the full game, so our loyal readers can play it for themselves for free”. So yeah, that’s what we are doing here – we are giving away two codes for Guild Wars 2, one of the biggest MMOs to hit the PC in recent history.

“What do I have to do to get such a wonderful gift” we hear you ask; well it’s really simple. All you have to do is take one of the pictures from the gallery below, post it as your Facebook profile picture and write about funny or awesome experience you had while playing online (don’t forget to mention the name of the game) in the picture’s description. Once you upload the picture, don’t forget to let us know on the official GamersPack Facebook page, so we’ll actually see it.

Lets recap:

1. Post one of the pictures below as your Facebook profile picture.

2. Write about a funny or awesome experience you had while playing an online game in the picture’s description.

3. Share the pic you just uploaded on GamersPack’s Facebook page.

This giveaway/competition will go on for a week, starting September 10 until Monday, September 17. Then we (the GamersPack crew) will choose two winners whom we think have the best stories and send them the codes for the full version of Guild Wars 2.

Sounds easy? it is! Here are the pictures for you to upload, so just chose one and get to it.

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