We here at GamersPack love Rayman, and we bet you love him too. If that is indeed the case (and we know that it is), you’ll be happy to know that Ubisoft has announced another Rayman game, called Rayman Jungle Run, for iOS devices (it’s their second game announcement today).

Rayman Jungle Run is basically a game inspired by the treasure chest chase levels in Rayman Origins – the ones where Rayman and his buddies must jump, hover and run after a fast-moving treasure chest. This time Rayman isn’t chasing anything; he just runs really, really fast. You can watch the short announcement trailer below to see what we mean by fast.

When you reach the end of the trailer you’ll see the game’s release date – September 20 – and then hit the replay button just to hear that addictive music one more time (just one more time).

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