During his keynote presentation at PAX Prime 2012 (which started today), Insomniac co-founder Ted Price has revealed a brand new IP coming from his studio, titled “Fuse”.

Judging from the first teaser screen, which you can see above, and Game Informer’s bold claims, it is easy to see that Fuse is simply Overstrike with a new look and name. EA did promised to show Overstrike to the world this year, and by the countdown in the game’s (now titled Fuse) official website, they plan to do so in less than 12 days (September 12).

Overstrike was first announced by Insomniac¬†during ¬†E3 2011, and since them the studio when completely silent. We guess we’ll just have to wait patiently for September 12 to arrive (unless our digging reveals something earlier).

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