These new screenshots of Resident Evil 6 (seen below courtesy of Andriasang) show snaps of the offline split-screen co-op gameplay, which looks exactly the same as in RE5, and the new skill system.

While the co-op doesn’t need an introduction, some of you may wonder how will this new system will work. Wonder no more! From what we understand, and the course of each chapter/mission characters will gain skill points from actions and collected items. At the end of each chapter/mission players can exchange these points for actual skills.

We don’t know what skills each character will have, but we do know that each one can have up to eight different skill sets (as seen in the screenshots) from which to choose from mid-chapter (once you purchase them of course). Bare in mind the game won’t pause while you’re fiddling with your new skills.

Resident Evil 6 is out October 2 on the Xbox 360 and PS3, and will shamble on the PC at a later date.

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