Since Sony had all of our at attention yesterday, during its Gamescom 2012 press event, it took the opportunity to announce three new IPs: Until Dawn, a horror PS Move title; Rain, a lovely PSN downloadable game and Puppeteer, a weird and slightly childish 2D platformer.

Until Dawn tells the creepy tale of eight teenagers trapped on a snowy mountain with an unknown figure it hunting them down one by one. All the shooting and exploring is done with the Move controller, and there is also some appropriate semi-nudity in the trailer below.

Rain depicts a serene world where a young invisible child, who can only be seen in the rain, must explore, solve puzzles and protect himself and a young girl from invisible dog-like monsters. It is most definitely NOT the cyberpunk action game we thought it was.

Puppeteer is something completely different (story-wise at least). It’s a 2D platfromer, slightly similar to Littl Big Planet when it comes to visual style, but its story is really hard to explain. It involves an angry bear and a wooden child with magic scissors. Just Watch the trailer and see what you can make out it.

All these new IPs are exclusive to the PS3 and are scheduled to release next year, probably.

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