You can now download Skyrim’s Dawnguard to your PC from your local Steam service for just 19.99$. This announcement came from Pete Hines yesterday during QuakeCon, despite his past tweet about not planning on announcing anything Dawnguard related in the near future.

PS3 adventurers, however, will have to a little while longer to get their mitts on Dawnguard:

“We are not satisfied yet with Dawnguard’s performance on the PS3. We would like for everyone to have a chance to play Dawnguard, but we aren’t going to release it for PS3 knowing that some people’s experience in Skyrim will be worse,” said a company representative on Bethesda’s blog.

Bethesda is apparently as disappointed as their fans about this harsh reality, and is working hard on bringing Dawnguard to everyone who wnats to play it.

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