The latest issue of Famitsu reveals a new multiplayer mode in Resident Evil 6 called ‘Agent Hunt’ where a player can enter a fellow gamer’s RE6 campaign and take control of a monster in an attempt to defeat him. Several monsters can hunt one agent at the same time, using voice chat to communicate with each other (via Andriasang).

After finishing the game once, players will be able to open up certain levels in the story campaign for ‘Agent Hunt’. The main player will be alerted once another player enters the game, but won’t know which monster is under human control.

Another somewhat big reveal comes from Siliconera: After finishing the single-player campaign once, another campaign will be unlock – that of Ada Wong. Ada will be packing some time bombs and a crossbow, and unfortunately for co-op lovers she will be going at it alone.

Resident Evil 6 comes out October 2 on the Xbox 360 and the PS3, with a PC version arriving later.

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