Knock-Knock is a new puzzle-horror game of sorts, developed by the Russian studio Ice-Pick Lodge. The game is not your standard survival-horror game (though it is creepy enough), but is instead a combination between hide-and-seek and tower defense.

You play as a lonely hermit who lives all alone deep in the woods, when various ghosts and ghouls decide to drop by for a nightly visit. The hermit must then equip himself with a light source, go around the house and fix all the holes the monsters keep getting it through.

The basic goal is to make it through the night with your health and sanity intact. Simply hiding in a room won’t help, since the monsters can find you pretty easily, and any close encounter with one will drain away the hermit’s sanity.

Assorted random items will help you survive the night and fix the house’s shoddy construction, but you can only carry 5 of them at a time, so you better choose wisely.

You can find more details in Knock-Knock’s Kickstarter page, including concept art and a more detailed overview of the game. If you think this game deserves to be make, contribute as much as you can.

According to the developers, Knock-Knock is intended for the PC and Mac. Below you can find the game’s first and only trailer.

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