During San Diegn Comic Con 2012, we had the chance to talk with Han Randhawa, Art Director at Vigil Games, about Darksiders 2 and what gamers can expect from the game. You can skip ahead and watch the full interview below, and the end of the post, or keep on reading.

Randhawa explains that the world of Darksiders 2 is much larger than that of the original Darksiders, with the ability to go out and explore earlier in the game. Death himself can collect loot and customize his weapons and armor and upgrade his abilities. There are also some significant differences between War’s combat style and Death’s.

If you stick with the interview to the very end, you can learn more about Vigil’s DLC plan for the game. Bottom line – there’s a lot of it.

Darksiders 2 comes out August 14 in North American on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, with a Wii U version to follow at a later date (most likely after the console itself is released…)

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