Carbine Studios has release a new video update of  its future MMORPG Wildstar, discussing a new combat system, character’s play-style and the diversity of the world around the player.

As you can plainly see in the video below, Wildstar uses an aiming-free targeting system for the combat, meaning players can direct their attacks and spells at any direction they like, and whatever’s in the way will be affected by them.

There are also a few play-styles available to choose from. If you are more combat-oriented, you can choose to be a soldier and fight your way through quests and missions, or you can decided to be a scientist and try and learn all you can about monsters and the world itself.

If you want to know more about the new gameplay systems and Wildstar’s huge environments and location just watch the video. There are more videos just like this one coming in the near future, so stay tuned to the site for more news.

Wildstar doesn’t have a release window yet, but when it eventually comes out, it will be for the PC only.

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