Microsoft has announces Smart Glass, the new app that will link your smartphone or tablet to your Xbox 360 device. In essence, Smart Glass is a new way to get more content out of your videos, or even control some upcoming games.

In a demonstration of some of the Smart Glass abilities on stage, we’ve seen a tablet device playing a movie, pausing it, and allowing the presenter to continue watching the movie on his Xbox, right from where he left off. While the movie was playing on the Xbox, the tablet then provided some additional information about it, in real time.

Another example for Smart Glass interaction with the Xbox is with the Madden NFL. Players will be able to plan their attack or defense plays on their tablet or smartphone, and these plays will then be executed in game, running on the TV screen.

Microsoft has promised that this new app will be available on all mobile devices, including Windows phones and iOS, Android and Windows 8 phones and tablets.

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