Double Fine has announced their newest project, led by Ron Gilbert (Monkey Island), is The Cave – a side-scrolling adventure game with multiple playable characters. Players will explore a vast network of underground locals, solve puzzles and fight monsters.

While exploring the Cave, players can choose up to three protagonists from a wide array to unique and slightly weird characters, each with its own abilities and style. These characters include a Knight, a Monk, a Scientist, a Mobster, a Time Traveler and a Hillbilly, all offer a different gaming experience.

What do we mean by that? well, each character’s abilities will let the player access different parts of the Cave, unlocking new areas and even endings. The Knight, for example, will unlock the medieval castle located inside the Cave, while the Hillbilly can reach underwater areas thanks to his ability to hold his breath indefinitely (which is much more than 10 minutes).

The Cave is will available to play on Xbox Live Arcade, Playstation Network and the PC in 2013. Till then, you can watch the announcement trailer and some screenshots below.

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