Epic Games has released a few screenshots from their next-gen graphics engine, the Unreal Engine 4, and we can finally see what the future of gaming is going to look like. According to Wired, the screenshots come from a two-minute “breathtakingly photo-realistic” demonstrationthat follows a heavily armored demon as he walks around his castle, setting fire to everything.

It took 14 Epic employees three months to complete the demo, and it runs in real-time on the Nvidia’s Kepler GTX 680 GPU. It includes improved dynamic lighting, improved particle effects that will allow thousands of floating particles to be on-screen without slowing down performance (as long as the hardware is strong enough), and new development tools.

One of these tools is Kismet 2, a visual scripting program that will allows level designers to “to breathe life into that world directly, rather than relying on programmers”, according to senior engine programmer James Golding.

Epic is planning to debut the UE4 to the general public this June, probably during E3. You can see the first screenshots below.

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