Activision has announced 007 Legends – a “first -of-its-kind” James Bond game celebrating the franchise’s 50th anniversary. The game will feature an “original, overarching storyline” bringing together six Bond movies, including missions from the 23rd Bond film – Skyfall.

As befitting a Bond game, players will have access to state-of-the-art spy gadgets, an arsenal of weapons (including Bond’s signature Walther PPK) and will visit exotic locations where they will use  Bond’s quick wits, class and style to take down notorious villains and henchmen, perform impressive stunts, and mingle with gorgeous Bond women.

“To honor 50 years of the world’s top secret agent, 007 Legends offers a collection of his most famed moments in the smartest and most treacherous Bond game yet,” said David Oxford, EVP at Activision Publishing.

“Creating a video game storyline that ties together six popular, yet very different, Bond movie narratives can be challenging, but together with EON Productions, our developer Eurocom, has pulled it off to create an homage that we think will be a unique and highly entertaining Bond video game.”

007 Legends will also see the return of “fan-favorite single-player Mi6 Ops Missions”, where players complete extra missions as either Bond himself or one of his many partners and enemies. The game’s multiplayer will support local four-player split-screen with  maps, weapons and characters pulled from Bond’s 50 years in action.

According to the game’s Amazon page, the 360 version will support Kinect. The site has even gone as far as to name the product “James Bond 007 Legends Kinect”, indicating this might be a Kinect exclusive game altogether.

007 Legends is developed by Eurocom, and is set for release this fall for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

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