Tequila Works released a new trailer for their zombie apocalypse puzzle-platformer – Deadlight. In the trailer we get to see some gameplay, but it is mostly about the game’s eerie and bleak atmosphere.

In Deadlight, players are Randall Wayne, a lone survivor in an apocalyptic world populated by “shadows” – former humans who succumb to some mysterious disease. This is not a zombie shooter by any means, and using weapons against enemies is a “very bad choice” according to the developers.

No, Deadlight is more of an physics-based puzzle-platformer, where Randall must use traps and the environment itself to defeat his enemies and survive.

“You don’t seek the truth or save the world,” creative director Raul Rubio said. “Deadlight is about Randall’s feelings and his desires, his problems. Everything that we take for granted now, like crossing the street, in Deadlight is a true challenge.”

Deadlight is an XBLA exclusive title, and it will be released this summer.

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