Gearbox finally shared with the world the first multiplayer details of Aliens: Colonial Marines. During a special event in Dallas, Texas, Gearbox showed off  their take on the classic team deathmatch mode, just one of the multiplayer mode the game has to offer.

According to CVG, the game’s TDM is more than just a straight shoot-out between xenomorphs and marines.  Sure, the objective is pretty clear – the first team to reach 50 kills wins, but each side in the conflicts plays completely different, and has its own strategies.

When playing as the marines, the team has to “play like you’re in the movie. Stick together, hug the walls, use the motion tracker and watch the corners.” The xenos can climb the walls and ceilings, use air shafts as ambush points and quickly tear through a marine at close range. Marines will have to watch each other’s back if they want to survive.

Playing the xenomorhps is “the opposite of everything” learned while playing the Marines. First of all, the aliens are played in third person view, making it easier to climb all over the place without getting too disoriented. Xenos have to use their x-ray vision to detect enemies and friendlies around the map, and must”stick to the ceilings, flank enemies, and time attacks” in order to take the marines by surprise.

There is also a class system for the xenos: you have your common xenomorph, a stalker type that can remain undetected longer, and a massive monstrosity of a xenomorph called the Crusher.

Basically, the marines dominate the long ranged combats with their superior firepower and advanced weapons (pulse rifles, shotguns and a new assault rifle that’s a cross between the pulse rifle and a S.M.A.R.T. gun), while xenos can shred a whole team to pieces with a well timed sneak attack at close range.

Aliens: Colonial Marines will rush the Xbox 360, Ps3 and PC this fall. There is also a Wii U version of the game planned, that will hit the market around the same time the console does.

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