A post over at VG247 claims that the next Microsoft gaming console, the Xbox 720, has been fully detailed to some third-party developers. The site also provides some new details about the inner workings of the console and its release window.

Apparently, the Xbox 720 will have Blu-ray drive (same as the Playstation 3 has now), and two graphics cards equivalent to AMD’s 7000 series GPUs, both working independently on separate items simultaneously. One of the site’s sources described the machine as “two PCs taped together.”

That’s not all. The console will also have a CPU with “four or six” cores: one for its operation system, and another for the built-in Kinect (which will be an improved version of this generation’s Kinect). The Xbox 720 will also require a constant internet connection in an attempt to prevent piracy.

As for the release window: according to the site, the new Microsoft console is set to be revealed around a Christmas 2013.

We have no idea if any of this new information is true or not, so we are still defining it as a rumor, albeit a very detailed one.

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