One of the perks of running a gaming news site is that you can pretty much write about anything you like, even about games not a lot of people heard about. One of these games is Yesterday – an adventure game made by the same people who brought us the great Runaway series.

The is set to launch March 22 (as in, tomorrow), so Focus Home Interactive has decided it’s about time to release its official launch trailer. You can watch it below, but be careful – it’s rather confusing. It’s hard to understand what Yesterday is about simply by watching the trailer, so here is a little blurb for the game’s website:

“Yesterday will take players around the world, as they try to unveil the incredible mystery surrounding the amnesiac John Yesterday, discovering connections among the strange mark which scars his hand, a dangerous and murderous cult, and a philanthropic young billionaire. Discover the big cast of colorful and shady characters, the dark ambiance and the twisting, turning story.”

Sounds like dark, mysterious fun. Yesterday is out March 22 exclusively on the PC.


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