The huge universe of Mass Effect exists since the year 2005. This universe has been going through all of changes, whether in graphics or in gameplay, and after three terrific games the series has come to an end (or has it?). Since a lot of players are not really playing the games just o rush through to the finish, but are really invested in the story, the characters and the lore of the universe Bioware has created.

If you are one of those people, EA has created a new app just for you and others who cant stop thinking about Mass Effect 3, but occasionally need to stop playing for reasons we all can relate to (sleeping, eating, school, work ect…). The Mass Effect 3 datapad app has a number of features, including myriad codex entries from all three games, messages from characters within ME 3, and in-universe updates from the Alliance News Network.

There is another reason that this app might interest you, you can also use the app to raise your galactic readiness rating in Mass Effect 3. That might be a nice alternative to bringing that number up for gamers who don’t like playing the multiplayer or don’t want to invest time in the other Mass Effect app named Mass Effect: Infiltrator for the IOS and the Android.

If you wish to to try out the new app you can download it for free right here.

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