In an interview with Kotaku, Bioshock Infinite’s director Ken Levine says that player choices throughout the game’s campaign will change the way the story progresses. These choices will be significant ones, and will have equally significant results and “deadly consequences”.

“I don’t wanna present it as sort of a BioWare level, radical reimagining of the universe that you can do by making story choices, but there are gonna be some changes [to the story],”  said Levine. When asked for an example, Levine refuse to provide one, saying he’d rather not spoil the surprise. “I’d rather people see it,” he added.

Unlike the previous Bioshock game, where the player arrived after some great cataclysm, the catastrophic events in the city of Columbia start when the player enters the scene. “Here, [the player is] really coming in and they’re the ones really getting the party started this time, whether they intend to or not. The world really erupts based upon them being there, not through anything they wanted to do, but as the nature of the situation.”

“You get this feeling that you’re sort of on this inevitable path to things just getting worse and worse and you’re just trying to do the right thing,”Levine continued. “Not necessarily the heroic thing, but just—you’re just trying to get out of this city, protect your own skin.”

As you may have heard, Bioshock Infinite is coming October 16 to North America and October 19 to Europe, on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

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