Bioware has announced today that they will show an all-new CG trailer for Mass Effect 3, “Take Earth Back” will be revealed to the world during an episode of ” The Walking Dead” on Sunday the 02/19/2012.

“I’m incredibly proud of what the team has accomplished with Mass Effect 3, and am very excited for fans around the world to experience something really special when they play the demo,” said Casey Hudson, Executive Producer of the Mass Effect series.

The Mass Effect 3 demo that was released this week kicks off with the devastating, all-out attack on Earth by the Reapers. The new demo has two modes: A single player and a multiplayer: In the Single Player Mode the players will be able to choose the name, gender and appearance of their Commander Shepard. These initial choices along with choosing Shepard’s background cause the game to re-write itself, ensuring the player knows everything that happened in previous games.

Additionally, Mass Effect 3 allows players three different ways to experience the epic battle for Earth: “Action” allows players to focus mainly on combat, giving them the opportunity to pre-set the tone of decisions made during the interactive cinematic scenes; “Story” focuses more on the conversations and scales down the difficulty of the action; and “Role Playing” presents the classic Mass Effect experience which blends both challenging, intense action with rich, interactive storytelling where the choices lie with each player. All settings can be adjusted throughout the game, and all are available in this demo.

Mass Effect 3 will also be one of the first pre-launch demos to support full voice recognition functionality on the Kinect for Xbox 360.

And for the first time in the franchise, Mass Effect 3 will feature a fun, addictive co-operative gameplay as part of the Galaxy at War System, which gives players an opportunity to link progress made in multiplayer or other applications directly back to the player’s main campaign to save the galaxy. The co-op portion of the demo will unlock on February 17.

To those who haven’t heard yet – the Mass Effect 3 game is already done. “After an awesome effort by our team, I’m proud to announce Mass Effect 3 is officially gold,” said executive producer Casey Hudson on Twitter. “Many surprises await you – this week and beyond.” But we will still have to wait until March to play it, but for now we can all enjoy playing the demo over and over again.

The game arrives to the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC in North America on March 6, and in Europe on March 9. You can watch the teaser version of the new trailer below.

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