The Last Guardian, Team Ico’s next big project, has been off the radar for quite some time now (three years or so), and a lot of people seem to wonder when the game is coming out, or even still in development. In an interview of 1UP ony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida promised fans The Last Guardian is still very much alive.

“The project has been making progress, but slow progress. So that’s tough, but we haven’t changed any focus. It’s still a really important project and a vision we want to see realized, and Fumito’s vision is really causing a very difficult challenge for the developers, so there’s some scrapping and rebuilding — iteration in the process. That’s why [it’s taking so long].” said Yoshida during the interview.

The Last Guardian is a PS3 exclusive game about a young boy and his pet griffon. That pretty much all we know so far. The game is currently scheduled for release during 2012.

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