One of the new things about The Secret World is its class system. The new system will not have the basic MMORPG system structure that splits the characters into three “jobs”: Tank, Healer and Damage, but rather a new skill system that allows players to customize the character however they want.

Each character in The Secret World has 14 skill slots – 7 active and 7 passive, that shapes the characters role and determine your strengths. This they call the “Deck”, and the player can build it any way he want. There is only one little thing: there are over 500 abilities to choose from, which makes it hard to find the ones that work for you. That is where the deck template system comes to play.

Each deck template employs 14 “cards” to create a unique character, granting the character an exclusive power and a deck-specific outfit.

Here are a few examples:

Witch Hunter – Templar Society

This deck integrates a variety of pistol and hammer abilities to create a character that does massive damage to single targets. Sample abilities include “Shoot to Kill,” a short-channel Focus attack that deals damage over time, and “Focused Assault,” which increases your critical chance when using Focus attacks.

Thaumaturgist – Illuminati Society
The Thaumaturgist is a “gunmage,” blending elementalism with buckshot to take down the evil. Sample abilities include “Hell Freezes Over,” which summons an Ice Demon to your side, and “Summoning Shock,” which grants you a damage boost at all summoning locations.

Warlord – Dragon Society
This deck dishes out damage to groups using a finessed set of sword and blade skills. Sample abilities include “Blade Rush,” a spinning blade attack that hits all enemies in a column, and “Serrated Blades,” which adds damage over time to every strike.

For more information on these “decks”, check out the exclusive on The Secret World will come out on April 2012 for the PC only.

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