Independent game developer Klei Entertainment and EA Partners, a division of Electronic Arts Inc. have announced yesterday (07.02.12) about the release of one of the most anticipated 2D cinematic action brawler game in the name of Shank 2.

Shank 2 drops players into a stunning pulp fiction world as Shank, an ex-mob hitman who is forced down the road to redemption after his village comes under brutal attack. With precise and fluid controls, tons of new weapons, stronger enemies and the most advanced combo system of any 2D brawler, Shank 2 delivers a dynamic and evolved combat experience. Players have access to a diverse arsenal of guns, knives, chainsaws, baseball bats, and more as they move through Klei’s beautifully drawn environments.

Shank 2’s all-new multiplayer Survival mode drops players into fast paced and action-packed interactive environments where they tactically take down hordes of goons and mini-bosses in an arcade-style fight to protect objectives and stay alive. Teams of two can play locally or online as they battle wave after wave of smarter, stronger enemies and use fallen weapons and on-the-fly purchases in gory brawls.

Shank 2 is now available to perches through the PSN and the PC for $9.99 USD in North America and is available through the XBLA (X-box Live Arcade) for a sum of 800 Microsoft Points and for €9.99 through the PC in Europe.


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