An anonymous inside source at EA tells Kotaku that the company is planning on expending the Dead Space franchise even farther, into “bigger and better” things. Apparently that includes a Dead Space first-person-shooter and a flight game (Dead space with Spaceships).

This insider even mentioned that after these titles are good and done, EA is moving on to develop an  “Uncharted-like game” in the Dead Space universe, which is still in early planning stages. The site quickly reminds us that none of these future titles have been officially announced, and everything should be considered as a mere rumor until EA can be reached for comments.

We did hear similar rumors a while back regarding Dead Space 3, which was nearly canceled by a “management shuffle at EA” (but wasn’t). Said rumors claim the game will take place on an icy planet named Tau Volantis, and will feature cooperative play. Also, Dead Space 3 will probably be the last game staring the beloved space engineer Issac Clarke.

I’m all for seeing more of the Dead Space universe, but a flight simulator? really?

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