A new clip that popped up on YouTube is causing quite a controversial around the web. The clip, that is actually a trailer for a new game that is being developed by Javelin Reds studio, is dealing with a very sensitive subject – Slavery. The game, named Slavery: The Game, takes the player back to colonial times (17th century), where they need to amass a fortune in order to become the most powerful slave trader in the world. Slavery, so claims the clip, will come to the PS3, Xbox 360 and the PC.

If the idea behind it sounds horrible to you, surely you will be relived to hear that the game is probably not real. The site of the game shows only the infamous clip, and the details about the studio (e-mail and Phone number) have been proved to be fake. The full story about this sick joke can be found on The Escapist, and the trailer can be seen right here, for you to judge for yourself.

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