There is not a single gamer who has not heard about the chronicles of the most famous commander in the galaxy (if you still haven’t played it go and do so now), but you may be surprised to hear about an interesting development that has been in the works in recent months.

Those who were involved in (or at least read) the official forums of Mass Effect, would know that while the series has had but one face, the female version of Shepard has been very popular (thanks in part to great job Jennifer Hale does dubbing her).  So those of you who share the liking will be pleased to find out that Bioware has decided to add the face of FemShep to the boxart in the collectors edition.

In order to  honor that decision Bioware went on a campaign: first the facebook friends  had to choose the face and the hair design and then the color of the hair and the eyes. After a few months we are proud to present the other side of commander Shepard. for the occasion Bioware has released an official wallpaper (drawn by their own concept artist Patryk Olejniczak) of the redheaded commander that will stand by the face we already know. Enjoy.


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