Dax Ginn, the PR of Rocksteady Studios, tells us about everything that is new and cool about the new Batman: Arkham City in an exclusive interview straight from Gamescom 2011. The studio chose to share the E3 demo with the people who came to the convention and also to show a presentaion the Challenge Mode was so both amusing  and full of adrenaline, which challenges the players in a variety ways including  fighting, stealth or navigating  the roof tops of Gotham City.

In addition to Batman that we all know and love from the previous game, you can choose to play Cat-Woman or Robin when you try to defeat these challenges. We haven’t seen Robin in action yet, but Cat-Woman feels quicker then our Batman, and she is equipped with a whip, claws and animations unique to her (like a sensual kiss that is followed by a kick to the private parts). Watch the interview to get all the details about Arkham City, that will arrive in our  homes (in 3D!) on October 21 on the PS3, Xbox 360 and the PC.



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