Roughly, twenty-four hours ago, A news post was released on Steam in which Valve announced the development of a slightly old, slightly new, title by the name of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, on which they are working in cooperation with Hidden Path Entertainment (the same guys who also worked with them to bring you Counter-Strike: Source).

According to the post, CS: GO will expand on the experience supplied by the original game, which is these days celebrating twelve years of gaming and still supports a large community of players. The new game will feature enhanced gameplay and visuals over the original, and will also include new maps, weapons and game modes. The game already has a Steam page setup but it currently has no relevant information on it.

The game is intended for release on the PC, PS3 and the Xbox 360 early in 2012, and will be playable in the fast approaching PAX Prime and the Eurogamer Expo.

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