Another teaser trailer (fourth in number) has been released for Assassin’s Creed: Revelations on its Facebook page. This time we can clearly see an assassin dressed in the games’ iconic white robes, very much like the robes of the protagonist of the first game – Altaïr. In addition we also catch a glimpse of the number 11011165 flashing on the screen and the emblem of the Byzantine Empire

The number is most likely the date 11/01/1165, which (maybe) represents Altaïr’s date of birth, as the number from the previous trailer represents the date of birth of Ezio, the protagonist of the second and third games In the series. If we follow the clues from the previous trailer, in which there are many references to the city of Istanbul in Turkey, and connect them to the fact that the city was once called Byzantium, there is a good chance that the city will be the location of the next title in the series. It is still not clear what era the game will take place in, or who will be its main protagonist, since the two past protagonists have been referenced; with a bit of luck, maybe this time we’ll get the chance to play as both.

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