Last night (Friday) Valve released a statement that will thrill those who enjoyed Portal 2. In the statement it was said that the first DLC (with the actual name of “DLC#1 Pack” for now) for the game will be released this summer, and will be free for all consoles.

The DLC will include new test chambers, a leaderboard, new challenge chambers for single player and co-op play, and more. At this time it’s hard to guess what “and more” will be but I’ll be hard pressed to believe that a free DLC, filled to the brim with content, could disappoint.

Portal 2 (for those who have been living on the dark side of the moon for the past two weeks) was released on the 19th of April and since then has been holding the top spot in sales lists. Anyone who is still debating if he should play the game, is suggested to browse its reviews here.

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