A few days ago, three new screenshots of the game A Game of Thrones: Genesis were uploaded to the game’s Facebook page. In two of which you can see infantry armies marching across the landscape, and in the third you can see a naval invasion.

Very little information has been officially released about the game. The is probably going to be an RTS, based on the popular fantasy novel series by R.R. Martin, A Song of Ice and Fire. The Single player campaign, which claims to re-enact the hundreds of years’ worth of the world’s history, is (according to the developers) meant to be a tutorial of sorts for the game’s complicated mechanics, thus making the players ready for the multiplayer aspect of the game. In each of the campaign missions, the players will be able to choose to play as one of the noble houses existing in the novels, and each one of them will have a unique mechanic. In order to win a mission, the houses will compete among themselves for points called “prestige”, which will be earned through diplomacy, economy, combat and more (not all of these mechanics have been explained). Apart from this, it was explained that each mission will be composed of two separate and consecutive parts, peace and war; when each mission begins in a state of peace and slowly shifts into a state of war, depending on the actions of the player – from which you cannot return a state of peace. It was revealed that you can only collect resources and produce units in times of peace; this forces the player to think ahead and plan out their moves in the most efficient way, and time their actions in a way which will allow them to complete all of their important moves before war breaks out.

A Game of Thrones: Genesis is planned for release for the PC on an unknown date during this year.


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