14th of April, 2011

Sony revealed yesterday (13th of April) a new level from the game Resistance 3, the latest in the Resistance series exclusive to the PS3. The new level presented the protagonist of the game, Joseph Capelli, in the dark woods of Pennsylvania as he tried to avoid snipers and enemy ships. The player will have to sneak through the wood all the while avoiding spotlights and eliminating the sniper hiding amongst the trees. Sony have pointed out that they want the player to have more freedom of action in the new game and the option to overcome an obstacle in several different ways. In addition, Sony showed a multiplayer map that will be available in the game’s beta. The map is called Trainyard, in which the battles take place in a sun drenched abandoned train yard in Colombia.


This information is added to the level Sony revealed a few days ago, in which the protagonist and another character, Dr. Malikov, are floating in a fishing boat along the Mississippi and through a monster infested town. The level in it’s entirety is available in the new trailer:


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