Remember the code that arrived with new copies of Bad Company 2? The code which gave all those who bought a first-hand copy of the game a map pack (already on the disc)? The map pack which cost money to those who bought a used copy of the game? This is something EA have begun doing with a portion of their games to fight the sales of used copies.

Well, Sony has the same idea for her new tactical war game, Socom Special Forces. In the official PS3 U.S. blog it was said that those who will purchase a new copy of game will receive a code that will allow the happy buyer access to several cool benefits, or in two words, “Socom Pro”. Players will receive a reserved spot on the game’s servers, access to exclusive maps, a score board and much more. The first present will be available immediately upon release and will come in the form of access to special game modes from the beta and two desirable weapons (M16 and AK47). Those who will choose to attain a used copy of the game will be able to upgrade to include these benefits for $20 starting on the 26th of April, at the PSN store.

Only there is a problem. The first copies of the game to arrive here (A week prior to release!) do not include the coveted code, which raises the question, what about Europe? On the official forums it was said that there will be a similar announcement on the European blog in the future (we certainly hope so. Nobody like being left out, Sony). We will keep you posted on the matter.



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