17th of April, 2011


Most of the Portal 2 fan base thought it would end here. We will play with the Potato Sack, manage to expedite the release of Portal 2 by a short amount of time and then all this intrigue will be behind us. Valve, apparently, have different plans in mind.

The big team of people who solved the ARG surrounding the game, the people of ValveARG, received a mysterious letter. The letter, which is from a J.H. to a C.J., talks about some great device which is being transferred aboard a ship, and contains some sort of code which is needs to be used in a time of emergency. It is still unclear to the community what exactly this code is and where does it need to be entered, but things are being worked out as we speak on the Steam forums.

Apart from this, it seems that a Morse code was implanted into the Steamcast (an unofficial podcast done by Valve fans), without the knowledge of the casters (that’s what they claim, anyway). The Morse code translates to: “It is not over. The others have been compromised”.

What does all this mean? Too early to tell. Those who are interested are advised to check on the Portal 2 forums from time to time and look for updates. Anyway, it still won’t hurt to continue and play the games GLaDOS still needs help with.

Portal 2 is expected to be released on Tuesday (though a bit earlier thanks to the efforts of the community), 19th of April, for the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.



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