16th of April, 2011


After a long line of mysterious riddles and clues that surrounded Portal 2 (about which you can read here or there), it seems that we have reached the final phase. The clues have led the community to a page where a countdown has appeared, and which later changed to look like this. A the pages shows, there are 13 indie titles (The Potato Sack) that if you play any of which you help expedite the return of GLaDOS (the evil AI which plays the antagonist in the game), and actually quicken the release of Portal 2.

If you own any of these games or if you are considering purchasing any of them in the next few days (they are at a discount until the release of Portal 2) you are invited to play them as much as possible and help the group effort of having Portal 2 release before Tuesday (the original release date).

Portal 2 is intended for release on Tuesday the 19th (or earlier) for the PC, PS3 and the XBox 360.

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