15th of April, 2011


The latest update to the action MMO, Global Agenda, has made it entirely free2play.

After the fact that in last June the need to pay a subscription fee was removed, Hi-Rez Studios have decided to entirely remove the need for payment in order to play the game. As of today you can download the game for free and play it, without paying, without any limitation on the in game content. Players who will choose to do so will be known from now on as Free Agent. On the other hand, Player who have paid in the past (or those who will pay for services in the future) will receive the title of Elite Agents. Players who hold this title will enjoy several peripheral benefits such as enhanced XP gain, higher chance for rare items from instances, access to the games mail system and more.


For those who wish to learn more or start trying the game, here is a link to the site.


Also, here is a short trailer which will give you a taste of the style Hi-Rez implement in the game:


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