15th of April


In an interview with Gameinformer, Bioware founders talked about Mass Effect 3 and Star Wars (among other things), from their most expected games (and ours) and to their decision making development.

“One of the things that we’re really aware of for Mass Effect 3 as well is that we have a lot of new fans that are entering the fiction every time we launch one of these games. So we want to make sure it’s accessible and can appeal to someone who hasn’t played the first two games. Regardless of whether you played Mass Effect 1 or not or Mass Effect 2 or not, we want to make sure you have a great experience in Mass Effect 3. If you’ve played the first two games we want your choices to mean something”. As you may recall, the PS3 version of ME2 included an interactive comics that gave those who never played ME (as It was never developed for PS3) the option to make the more important decisions in the story and incorporate these choices into your game in ME2. It’s efficiency is open for debate but seeing as ME3 will also include such a comics, we can assume Bioware takes care of their newest fans. Following the same line of thought, it appears that they are pleased with the positive responses they are receiving for Dragon Age 2 and the features it includes from the ME games, but at the same time they promise that they take the time to think about the negative responses aswell: “We’re taking that feedback to heart and we’re seeing what we can do to continue to surprise and delight our fans in the future”. Past experiences tells me I should trust them.

Bioware are known for their large scale games, but according to them, developing an MMO has taught them a thing or two about what large scale really means. “There are some really successful ones (MMOs) out there. You have things you need to do to reach the bar”. In the mean time they are vigorously working on The Old Republic and the information that was released thus far indeed points to a high quality game. And what about beta, some of you may be asking? Well, their official response to this is “Before too long you guys will get a little crack at it. Keep an eye out for that.”

What about new games? “We have some games that haven’t been announced yet and some new platforms, some new genres that we haven’t announced yet that we think will be pretty exciting”. So do we, Bioware, so do we.

For the full interview with Gameinformer click here.



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