A day before you gladly walk into the NetherRealms, the GamersPack site is collecting for you all of the rumors about the exclusive content that the XBOX 360 gamers will enjoy by purchasing the long anticipated game, Mortal Kombat.

It seems that the XBOX 360 will not get an exclusive character (like Kraitos in the PS3) but will get the Lady in Red, or Scarlet, a character that shows up in the first DLC that has already has been announced for free (for a limited time only). The rumors claim that along with this character the XBOX 360 gamers will also receive a new screen and exclusive arena that is called The Pit 360, that is based on the famous level The Pit from Mortal Kombat 3.  And in addition (yes, yes there is more) it can be assumed that there is going to be a separate mode that is called Puzzle Kombat that is also exclusive to the XBOX 360.

The Avatar support as a part of King of the Hill has been approved by Ed Boon, but it is also assumed that there will be special avatar prizes and objects for purchase.

The PS3 version of the game has already arrived in stores in Israel, and a world wide release (of both versions) is planned on the 19th of April. As of yet, all that is written above is no more than rumors, so we will have to wait until the game itself comes out before we can know for sure if there is really going to be any of the exclusive content.

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