In an interview that CVG held with American McGee about Alice: Madness Returns, they told them two significant details about the upcoming game.

The first detail is about the re-playability of the game. American McGee says that since the game will not have a multiplayer option, there is going to be an option of downloading different kinds of dresses that Alice can wear, which will cause some of the game mechanics to change. The story itself would not change but the way of playing the game would change with almost any new dress.

The secondĀ  detail will make the people who are planning on buying the game even happier: who ever buys the game will get a code to download the first game for free and play it as a preview to the second game.

American McGee’s Alice , that came out in the year 2000, got a lot of great reviews and original copies of the game were so hard to find that they have been sold at extremely high prices in the public auction sites. The rarity of the game makes the free giveaway a great opportunity to reintroduce the game to younger gamers.

Alice: Madness Returns (and with it American McGee’s Alice) is expected to be released in different parts of the world between the 14th to the 16th of June for PC, Mac, Playstaion 3 and Xbox 360.

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