A few days ago WB Games and Day 1 Studios revealed a clip that showed the multiplayer modes that are going to be available in the up coming game.

The first is called “Fucking Run”, in which up to 4 players need to cooperate while trying to escape from a death cloud that chases after them while fighting through waves of enemies that attack them from the opposite side to the cloud. This mode puts a heavy emphasis on cooperation: even if only one player gets killed during the mission by the cloud, the entire group will lose. because of that , players are encouraged to cover each other and help each other recover from damage. throughout the levels of the game there will be safe houses which will be used as a check point, and will allow to heal and re-equip with weapons and ammunition.

The second mode is Contractions, a standard version of survival from many other games: the players need to arm and barricade them selves while trying to survive as many waves as possible.

The third mode is Soul Survivor, it starts with a team of 4 players who are trying to stop waves of enemies. At a some point during the game, one of the players is chosen (in an unexplained way) and changes into a specter (that can possess monsters and use them as his own body in the game) and becomes the enemy of the rest of the team. From this moment he has a short time to succeed in dropping one of his former friends and turning him into a specter as well, while in the background waves of normal enemies keep appearing under the computers control (which off course the specters can possess). Every time one of the players turn into a specter, his team gets a small period of time to try and beat the players who stayed normal. The players who turned into specters win if all 4 players join them eventually and the players who stay normal people win if they manage to survive during the time they have.

The forth mode is Soul King, which is a version of free for all of Soul Survivor. All players start as specters, in a map full of enemies. The players need to possess the scattered enemies on the map and kill one another using them, when each time a player is killed he leaves behind him a soul- an item that can be collected and that gives points in this mode.

F.E.A.R. 3 is supposed to come out between the 24th and the 26th of May around the world for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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on the 4.16.11

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