In the last PAX East, that was held a month ago, players had the opportunity to taste a bit of the PVP of the free MMO RPG (massive Multiplayer online Role playing game)  Firefall. A short time ago a call for the fans was published in the game’s Facebook page by Red 5 Studios to ask them questions about the game, that they are planing to respond to them in the next clip that the developers release.

Until now there hasn’t been much information about “Firefall”. The game is going to be a MMO RPG full of loot to collect from enemies, with a special cartoonish look- which brought many fans to treat it as a MMO RPG of Borderlands. It is well known that the game is going to be free which means it will have a shop and microtransactions to make profits. Furthermore, until now only 3 professions has been revealed (The Assault, the Medic and the Recon), and Red 5 Studios are keeping the number of  professions the game will have to themselves.

Red 5 Studios are mostly made up of ex-Blizzard employees, some of whom worked on World of Warcraft. It seems that it is worth checking on the progress of the game once in a while.

Firefall is supposed to come out at the end of this year for PC only.

The latest developers dairy with sketches from PAX:

Game Trailer:

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Posted on the 4.18.2011

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