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Left Alive first details emerge, short gameplay trailer released

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Call of Duty WWII gets a chilling single-player trailer

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No more Batman Arkham games, according to voice actor Kevin Conroy

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Sky is a Journey spiritual successor for Apple devices

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Nidhogg 2 review: Muppets fight to the death

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Vamypr delayed

Left Alive


Resident Evil 7 Not a Hero

Call of Duty WWII squad


Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus trailer

Left Alive

Call of Duty WWII


Tech Corner
Xbox Gamescom 2017

Xbox Gamescom 2017 event: more pixels, cross-play, and games

Xbox One Dashboard

Microsoft reveals the new Xbox One Dashboard, Spotify support

Xbox One X

Project Scorpio is Xbox One X, coming November for $500

Project Scorpio dev kit

Microsoft gushes over the Project Scorpio dev kit in a new video

Unboxing the SCUF Impact & SCUF Infinity 4PS Pro controllers


SCUF Impact & Infinity 4PS Pro controllers review: Two of a kind

SCUF launches SCUF Impact, SCUF Infinity 4PS Pro controllers

Project Scorpio

Project Scorpio will feature internal PSU and 4K game caputre

Nintendo Switch users report numerous problems after launch

Nintendo Switch save files

Nintendo Switch save files cannot be transferred to the SD card

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