Final Fantasy XV is finally confirmed for 2016

Final Fantasy XV, the highly anticipated new JRPG from Square Enix has been confirmed for a 2016 release. Although the developers have been strongly hinting at a 2016 release for a while, the release window has finally been confirmed.... Read More »

New Xbox One hardware will be here in time for the holidays

Microsoft was very pleased to announce two new and ultimate weapons in their console arsenal – the Xbox Elite bundle and Lunar controller. Initially revealed at this year’s E3, Microsofts new Elite controller packs the most powerful punch a... Read More »
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Gears of War: Ultimate Edition review: Welcome back to Delta squad

It has been almost ten years since we first strapped on the COG armor and joined the Locust War. Since then we’ve been through a lot, tasted the sweet nectar of victory and the bitter bile of defeat, and... Read More »

Hitman stops the show in this video walkthrough

IO Interactive has released a 15-minute long video walkthrough for Hitman. The video takes Agent 47 through the Showstopper level – the same level we briefly saw in the game’s gameplay trailer, but also takes the opportunity to go over some... Read More »
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XCOM 2 delayed to February 2016

We’ve got sad news for all your tactical alien hunters – XCOM 2 has be delayed to February 2016. The XCOM 2 development team has released a statement to all XCOM fans, saying they just need more time to... Read More »
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Minecraft: Story Mode will have selectable main character

For the first time in a Telltale Games series, players of Minecraft: Story Mode will be able to choose the gender and appearance of their main character. Protagonist Jesse will have several different appearances for the player to choose from, for... Read More »

Cliff Bleszinski’s LawBreakers is a competitive multiplayer shooter

Boss Key Productions, a studio formed by Cliff Bleszinski and Arjan Brussee, has announced its debut title – LawBreakers. All the details are available right after the gameplay reveal trailer below. LawBreakers, or Project BlueStreak as it was formerly known,... Read More »

Street Fighter V adds wrestler Rainbow Mika to its roster

R. Mika, also known as Rainbow Mika, is making a comeback in Street Fighter V. You can see her in action in the character reveal trailer and screenshot gallery below. The female wrestler was last playable in Street Fighter Alpha... Read More »

SteelSeries announces SteelSeries for Life for PAX Prime 2015

SteelSeries, one of the leading peripheral-makers in the gaming industry has announced that not only will they be at PAX Prime this year, but that they’ll be having a contest there and on social media. This contest is called... Read More »
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Assassin’s Creed Syndicate shows off trailer for Darwin and Dickens

Ubisoft has been on a roll with the trailers for Assassin’s Creed Syndicate and today they’ve released a trailer for the Day 1 DLC: The Darwin and Dickens Conspiracy. This quick trailer introduces us to two of the main... Read More »
Taylor Wells | 26 August 2015 | Games, News, PC, PS4, Videos, XBOX ONE | , , | No Comments   
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